Where To Buy Size Genetics In Australia

Where To Buy Size Genetics In Australia

Size Genetics Review Australia

Medically Approved Penis Enlargement Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

More than 15 years ago, Size Genetics was developed by scientists in Denmark. It was initially used to give penises support after surgery or injury and to help with the small penis syndrome, however its ability to lengthen the users penis soon became apparent.

SizeGenetics-deviceSize Genetics is a type 1 medical device which is endorsed and used by medical professionals worldwide. It is one of the few devices of its type to be featured both on TV and in the written media.

How Does Size Genetics Work

The Size Genetics device uses medical traction to lengthen the penis by applying gentle, but permanent pressure along the length of the penis. this pressure gradually causes the internal penis tissue cells to divide, duplicate and start multiplying, causing new tissues to grow. This straightens the penis and also adds to its length as well as girth.

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The same method is used by doctors to straighten the limbs of their patients after accidents or to lengthen stunted and deformed limbs. Many tribal traditions also use this principle to make their necks longer or increase the size of their earlobes and lips.

Is This Method Safe And Painless

Its use completely safe and painless, surgeons all over the world use and recommend Size Genetics.


How Long Should I Use This Device

Penis enlargement does take commitment from the user, How long you use it on daily basis depends on your goals and how much length you want to add. The longer your wear the device daily, the better the results. (the makers suggest a minimum of at least 2 hours daily)  It often takes only 2 weeks to see the first results, but in order to get the maximum out of your device and add up to 3” to your penis length, you should keep using SG for up to 6 months.

How Long Will The Results Last

Any the gains you achieve from using Size Genetics are permanent.

Is The Size Genetics Device Comfortablesizegenetics-close-up-840

Since Size Genetics is designed to be worn over lengthy periods of time, the makers have made sure it is comfortable to wear. A unique 16 way patented comfort system is used to give users a choice of different options to make it as comfortable as possible.

Stay clear of cheaper devices that try to imitate SG, many of these these only use a single silicone loop to secure the penis head…these have been proved to be very uncomfortable, making it difficult to wear over time.

How Much Can I Gain With The Size Genetics Device

After using it for six months, expected gains should be around 2-3” and an increase in girth is also commonplace.

James Mullinger, a reporter in the UK for GQ magazine tested the device for two weeks when he was researching penis enlargement for an article. – He gained ½ inches in just two weeks.

Exercise System By Penis Health

When you buy the Size Genetics  extender, you also get free membership to Penis Health exercise system. Exercises here are based on Jelqing, which is an ancient practice to lengthen the penis. By including these exercises with your Size Genetics routine, you will get even faster results, your penis will be stronger, you will have enhanced erections and better sexual performance. These exercises only take 8 minutes of your time, 3 days per week.

More Info About Penis Health

Lengthy Guarantee21132

Since it takes up to 6 months to complete the full course with Size Genetics, it is important to give buyers some security. That is why the manufacturer gives a full 6 months money back guarantee with their device. If you have bought Size Genetics and used it for the recommended period of time without satisfactory results, simply return your device and get your money back.

Where To Get Size Genetics In Australia

Since male enhancement is still a somewhat taboo subject, it is not sold in regular stores, however, buyers can easily and securely order Size Genetics penis extender from the official website.

Prices for the basic device start at only $199.33 and the full ‘Ultimate’ system costs $388.63

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