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 The Instant Way To Improve Erection Size And Power [updated Jan 2020]

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The Penomet Device is a new effective enlargement device which delivers a safe and fast solution to improving both size and strength.

One of a new generation of penis pumps does not use traction or manual stretching, unlike many other penis enlargement devices.  It works by a powerful vacuum that is helped by water.

It has been developed for use in the bath or shower and uses the power of water to enhance the effects and help support the penis while using the device.

Penomet Can

  • Treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Increase Erection Size And Longevity
  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Promote Permanent Enlargement With Regular Use
  • Boost Confidence In The Bedroom 

How Safe Is The Penomet Device

There have been some reports of tissue damage or twisting being caused to the penis by some air based vacuum pumps (because they can be over pressurised) but Penomet is different; the water in the device acts as protection, helping to support the penis and ensures that its is fully protected while the device is being used.

You can de-pressurise the device instantly if you need to and there is a range of rubber pressure gaiters that provide varying vacuum pressures – this is one of the factors that makes the penomet superior to other devices. Most penis pumps operates at one single pressure which can limit results. With penomet, once you have reached the maximum gains with the first gaiter, simply replace and keep going.

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How Does Penomet Work

penometcolorsPenomet is designed to be used in the bath or shower, the device is filled with water then placed over the penis.

The rubber gaiter that makes contact with the groin forms a seal needed for the vacuum.  The device is then pumped up and down a couple of times, this pushes out some of the water and air and forms a vacuum inside the device which places the penis under pressure.

By forming the vacuum inside the device, increased blood flow is drawn into the penis and with the increased flow provides a far stronger and visibly larger erection.

Penomet Delivers Powerful Larger Erections In Under 5 Minutes

With initial use, Penomet will improve sexual performance for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, with further use erections will become harder and longer lasting.

You will notice that at first the increased size will revert back to normal as the erection subsides, but users will see not only visible but permanent increases after regular use of around 20 minutes a day. Both Length and girth size(thickness) will be improved.

Compare using Penomet to a bodybuilder lifting weights in the gym. The more he works out and places his muscles under more and more strain, the larger his muscles grow.

At first they just looked ‘pumped’ but return to their usual size within a few hours, in time the increase in size becomes permanent.


Are The Results Permanent?

Over a period of time and with regular daily use, the vacuum pressure will gradually cause the internal cells to divide and duplicate.  Just as bodybuilders grow their muscles by working out, it is along the same principal as regular traction used by doctors worldwide to straighten and or lengthen stunted limbs.

This untimately causes new skin cells and blood vessels to develop, generating increased size to the penis.

You could achieve a length increase of between 2 and 3” and an increase on girth of up to 30%.

How Long Does Penomet Device Take To Work

penomet-resultsThere is a visible difference in size with minutes. Harder and larger erections are achieved with regular use of Penomet.  Users could see about ½” growth after 2 weeks.  To Achieve maximum gains of up to 3” be prepared to use the device as often as possible for up to 6 months.

Where Can I Buy Penomet Device In Australia

The makers have full distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand. Penomet is shipped worldwide.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!!

You can order Penomet from the official website (Click Here), ordering is simple and secure.

All orders have the protection of the full refund guarantee of 60 days to try the device risk free (the longest guarantee of any penis vacuum device) if you fail to see any improvement then return the device within two months and receive a full refund.

The Penomet Device starts AU $179 with optional extras and packages available, all offering increased benefits at discounted prices.

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