Gynaecomastia Causes And Cures

Gynaecomastia Causes And Cures

 What Are And How To Treat Man Boobs 


Man Boobs (or Gynaecomastia ) to give its proper name is a miserable and embarrassing condition that affect thousands of men worldwide.

It has not always been recognised as a real problem in its own right with many people simply believing that it is a direct result of being overweight and something that can be treated by losing weight

This Is Not So as Gynaecomastia is not cured with a healthy diet, it is a hormonal problem that for the sufferer, can cause shyness, inability to be intimate and even cause depression.

Many sufferers spend their time hiding them under loose fitting shirts, avoiding the gym locker rooms and generally keeping a low profile.

Man boobs are actually caused by a hormone imbalance which causes excess growth of breast tissue.  It is often confused with being overweight and this is not the case.

Surgery is often considered as the only real treatment for gynecomastia; these procedures are without doubt effective but there are of course risks involved as with any surgery and expensive.

Not everyone wants to take this radical route and it is not a viable option from a financial point of view for everyone.

As the problem is hormonal, and if this is not rectified, there is of course every chance that the problem could, in time, reappear.

There are other alternative treatments that could help to reduce the excess breast tissue by working at hormonal level.

How To Reduce Your Man Boobs In 12 weeks Without Surgery

One product that has been proven to reduce the unwanted fatty tissue has been formulated by Canadian based specialists Zudker.

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The product is called Gynexin – a specially formulated supplement that is proven to reduce the excess fatty breast tissue with a unique mix of ingredients.


Gynexin is used along side Korexin and Gynexol – its two sister products – and promises to reduce and clear the excess tissue in as little as 12 weeks.

Made from entirely natural ingredients, the gynexin treatment plan is a safe and affordable option to surgery.  It would cost upwards of $4000 for surgical treatment. Gynexin would be a fraction of this.

The Treatment Plan – How Does It Work

Take two capsules a day.  This will help to rebalance any hormonal irregularities which in turn reduces the excess adipose breast tissue, firming and tightening the chest. It is recommended that for the treatment to be at its most effective, use for the full 12 weeks.

41+bQNTEyzL._SY355_With the treatment acting directly on the excess breast tissue, the chest should start to tighten and firm within a few weeks, reducing the appearance of man boobs.

For the first 4 weeks of treatment – it is recommended to also take Korexin

Full of essential fatty acids it helps encourage the fat burning process, quickly reducing the fatty deposits that cause the problem.

This forms the main part of the treatment plan and costs just $233.85 for a full 12 weeks supply of Gynexin and a 4 week supply of Korexin.

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2nd Stage Of Treating Gynaecomastia

The makers suggest that to fully benefit from the treatment, the last month (weeks 8-12) Buy-Gynexolshould also include Gynexol.

Specially formulated to tighten and firm the male breast tissue, this specially formulated sculpting cream will be the final part of the treatment plan and ultimately give you back the firm masculine chest you have wanted for so long.

Gynexol costs $79.00 for a 4 week supply.

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The Full Treatment Plan will cost you $313.85 – Only 6% of the cost of surgery.

The makers Zudker are so confident that you will be pleased with the results that they offer a full cash back guarantee on all orders.

If you are not completely happy after using the treatment plan as directed, you can claim a refund.  – See webside for t&c’s

Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

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