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Where To Buy Jes Extender In Australia

The Original And Still One Of The Best 

Jes Extender was the first ever purposely designed penis traction device. It was developed in Denmark 16 years ago. At first, it was used to give penises support after surgery, but soon users discovered that it was also a very effective method for lengthening and straightening the penis.

Today, after so many years of proven results and a great track record it is till one of the best selling products of its kind, Jes Extender is regularly featured in men’s magazines everywhere in the world, including Australia.

It has found its way to respectable publications like FHM magazine, New York Times as well as Mens Fitness. Several TV stations like MSN and BBC have featured this device in their programs.

Ever since the Danish company Danamedic released Jes Extender, they have sold over 250,000 devices all over the world. And it is now readily available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How Does It Work

Jes Extender uses the ability of the body to naturally develop and grow. It applies gentle and permanent traction to the penis, which is a medically proven method used by surgeons all over the world to straighten and lengthen the penis of their patients.

When traction is gently applied, the internal cells in the penis divide and start multiplying, developing new skin cells, growing muscle and making blood vessels bigger. When this process continues for a longer period of time, the penis starts growing and gradually gaining in size.

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How Long Does It Take For The Jes Extender To Work

It can take as long as 6 months to see the maximum gains, so you have to be determined and committed to wearing the device as often as possible to enjoy the best results.(the makers recommend at least 2 hrs a day) However, many users see their first gains,often up to around 3/4”, even after just 2-4 weeks.

What Kind Of Results To Expect

Clinical testing has shown that after using Jes Extender for 6 months, around 24 percent increase can be seen in length. On average, that means an increase of around 2″ along with a comparable increase in girth.

Unique DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee

The makers of the device are so sure that Jes Extender will work that they give an amazing guarantee with all orders. If you use Jes Extender and fail to achieve any gains in the prescribed time, you will get double your money back. – This simply highlights the manufacturers belief in their product

 Our Thoughts On Jes Extender

This penis enhancement device is not among the most expensive ones, however it still offers great quality, has proven results and can show 16 years of happy customers all over the world. There are hundreds of reviews and testimonials from both doctors and happy users from all over the world who only have good things to say about Jes Extender. Quite simply – You can’t lose with this product, especially thanks to their cash back guarantee!

Jes Extender also has a users forum where members can discuss the product and share their experiences.

Where To Buy Jes Extender And What Does It cost

Australian buyers can get their purchases fast thanks to local distribution offices.

You can order Jes Extender from their official website. They take orders through their website or over the phone.

Depending on the package, prices start at $239 and go up to $1399 for their top of the range Platinum model.

Our “Best Buy” recommendation is the Titanium Extender for $299.

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