Is My Penis Average Size

Men And Their Penis Size

Does Size Matter??

There are certain myths going around that men who come from different cultures and races have different penis sizes. One of the most common thoughts is that black men have much larger penises than white men. This is not true, the average penis size is around 6” when erect, no matter what the colour, race or cultural background is.


There have been two studies recently to confirm just that. These independent studies both dealt with penis size. One of them was conducted by Lifestyle condoms and the other by the International Journal of Urology. Both studies reported that the average erect penis size across all colours and races ranges from 5.8 to 6.2 inches.

Why Are Men Worried About Their Penis Size

A large penis usually symbolises authority and power. Ever since ancient times, most gods and rulers were depicted having large penises. Even today it is not so different. Men who have above average sized penises often also have more self confidence, they tend to be better in business and highly popular among their friends and the ladies.

What To Do If I Have A Small Penis

It’s true that having a smaller than usual penis has a negative effect on self confidence. However, there are plenty of ways how to make your penis bigger. Some of these methods are very effective while others not so much, some can even be harmful.

Common Penis Enlargement Methods

It is possible to make the penis larger by using surgery, however, this never gives very good results. The procedure often involves inserting implants into your penis, which is not effective and can result in a penis that looks “out of shape” and sometimes also causes erection problems.


There are exercises that can help. A technique called jelqing was perfected by ancient Arabic tribes. It is all about stretching and pulling the penis and was often practised to prepare young men for sexual encounters. Like any other exercise routine, if jelqing is performed regularly and done correctly, it can certainly help thicken and lengthen the penis.

Today there are also other, more modern exercise routines available. They still include jelqing basics but use more advanced methods.

The Most Effective Enlargement Method

The best and most effective way to lengthen your penis without having to go through surgery is to use a special traction device. These penis enhancement devices work similarly to traction devices used by surgeons to lengthen and straighten injured limbs. Its a common practise used across the world by medical personnel, it is also commonly found and used by some tribal cultures to lengthen their lips, ear lobes and necks.

How Does A Penis Traction Device Work

The device is to be worn over your penis, it applies a painless and constant pulling pressure along the length of the penis, over time, this pressure causes the internal tissue cells in the penis to separate, before dividing and duplicating, adding more tissue mass which in time makes the penis longer and thicker.

Results are very convincing, using a device like this can make your penis up to 3 inches longer, the only problem is that it can take time to get the maximum results. They really do work but do require commitment from the user….at least two hours a day is recommended wearing time.

Most makers recommend you to use their device for 6 months. The results also depend on how long and how often you use your device. A British journalist used one for his research when writing an article about male enhancement, in just two weeks he gained ½ “.

Size Genetics Penis Extender

SizeGenetics-device When talking about penis extenders and all the products that claim to add inches to the length and girth of your penis, there is one name that stands out from among all the rest – Size Genetics. This system is medically backed and proven to increase the length and the girth.

It was developed in Denmark by a specialist surgeon more than 15 years ago. At first it was meant to give support to penises after surgery or injury, today it is tone of only a handful of devices that have been officially classified as a type one medical device that is both approved and used by medical professionals. Only medical grade materials have been used to build the device and it simply oozes quality.

Size Genetics is available worldwide with a 6 month guarantee and fast delivery to Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

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