4 Gauge Pre-workout Review Australia

4 Gauge Pre-workout Review Australia

Is This The Best Pre-Workout Supplement Ever??

Now available throughout Australia and New Zealand is 4 Gauge… A cleverly developed, scientifically formulated Pre-workout powder that goes further than most if not all other products…

Unlike most pre-workouts who are ladened with stimulants and very little else, 4 Gauge combines a smaller amount of caffeine with specially chosen natural compounds that combine to not only provide a massive energy boost, but they also help to focus the mind, helping you to concentrate fully on your workouts and ultimately achieve more from those hard hours spent in the gym..

Made by Roar Ambition, the guys behind best selling fat burner Instant Knockout, 4 Gauge is a pre-workout powder with a difference……

The Formula In 4 Gauge

Each serving is fully detailed and disclosed..

You will not find any of those all too common proprietary blends in this product.. the makers are 100% transparent about whats in each serving, and you the end user knowns exactly what you are taking..

Each Serving Includes:

  • Potassium (10mg)
  • Sodium (20mg)
  • Calcium (300mg)
  • L-citrulline Di-malate (6,000mg)
  • Creatine monohydrate (1,000mg)
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine (500mg)
  • Red beet (300mg)
  • Coconut water powder (300mg)
  • L-theanine (200mg)
  • Caffeine anhydrous (150mg)
  • Rhodiola rosea (100mg)

Each serving contains just 4g of carbohydrate and has only 5 calories….. this makes it perfect for anybody, even those on a strict cutting regime.

It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans

User Feedback

There are not too many independent user reviews out there yet, the official site has feedback from the guys involved in the testing and development and we ourselves have been trying it out for the past month….

The official site lists nothing but praise for the innovative formula, with the guys all reporting great improvements in focus, energy during heavy duty workouts and ultimately their end results.

From our own perspective, we found that the product mixed really well, even with minimal shaking we were surprised that there were no clumps in the bottom of the mixer bottle…. The flavour (Fruit Blast) is really pleasant and it’s not too sweet either.. there are no artificial sweeteners found in 4 Gauge, another point that sets it apart from many other products

As for our results, we didn’t experience that sudden but often short lived burst of energy that you can get with many pre-workouts, instead the energy built slowly and it kept coming and coming.. we both managed to extend our usual workouts by around 30 minutes with ease, and after we had finished, we both found that we looked more ‘pumped’ than we would do usually.. Normal distractions (noise, music etc) that can be so annoying in the gym, didn’t really affect our concentration either, so without realising it, our focus was sharper too

Overall in the past month since we started trying 4 Gauge, both our workouts and the actual results are drastically improved….We haven’t made any other changes, so it has to be 4 gauge that has made the difference….

Any Side Effects

We have not experienced any of the regular side effects associated with many pre-workouts ( the shakes, jitters, headaches and problems sleeping)….this sentiment is echoed by all the other guys that we have spoken too…. 4 Gauge appears to be side effect free….

Where To Buy 4Gauge in Australia

Ordering is simple and shipping is fast and discreet… you can place your order direct from the makers at www.4gauge.com

A bottle with 20 serves will cost you $45*, there are some larger bundles available at discounted prices…

Our vote for best buy is the Ultimate Ammo Crate’ which supplies 3 bottles ( 60 serves) for $112.50 ( working out at $37.50 per bottle + Free Shipping)

*Prices showing in US$.. currency will be converted to AU$ at checkout

Our Thoughts

“Without Any Doubt, The Best Pre-Workout We Have Ever Tried!!”

We love 4Gauge…. yes the packaging is eye catching and some would say a bit gimmicky, but its what inside that counts and the makers have got it right….

Yes you need stimulants in these sorts of products, but what they have done is reduced the normal massive dose of caffeine (and with it, omitted the shakes, jitters and problems sleeping) and instead, tempered that with other proven energy boosting, focus enhancing ingredients, Creatine, L-Theanine, Red Beet, L-Carnitine to name a few are all scientifically recognised to help improve energy levels and help boost focus and concentration…You Gotta try it!!

Lock And Load Your Guns!!

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