Causes Of Impotence And Its Treatment

How To Treat Impotence 

If you suffer from impotence, you are not alone, there are many men worldwide who are going through the same problem.  Trying to get to the root of the problem is the first step. Once you have recognised what is causing it then you can treat it.

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Some of the causes linked to this distressing problem are anything from physical conditions to psychological issues.  Lifestyle can also be a factor.

Physical Problems That Could Lead To Impotence

It is only in recent times that this condition has been taken seriously by the medical profession.  More often than not doctors treated Impotence as a psychological problem, more in the mind, not likely to be a physical one.

Now it is known that as many as 70 per cent of cases reported were found to have a physical reason behind them.

Physical Reasons Causing Impotence Include:

Injury – Injuries, especially the pelvic and groin area are often found to cause damage to nerves and surrounding tissue which can lead to arousal dysfunction.

Reduced levels of testosterone – more likely to occur as we get older.  Levels can deplete and with this sex drive tends to reduce and erections can be more difficult and harder to sustain.

Medication – There are certain drugs which may be given for conditions such as depression, angina and blood pressure that can lead to erections problems.  Some anti histamines and appetite suppressants have also been linked to low libido.

Reduced Blood Flow – More commonly known for erection dysfunction and libido problems, it can be treated quite easily though, and smoking and drinking can attribute to this.  Blood flow to the penis is vital in order to achieve an erection.

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Psychological Reasons behind Impotence

Apart from blood flow problems ( the main issue) stress and anxiety come a close second. Work, mortgages, bills all attribute alongside tiredness.  Anger, Fear, Guilt are feelings that are commonly associated with erection problems.

Lifestyle – Drinking too much, smoking and drugs are negative influences, along with weight gain.  These can all lead to impotence.

How To Treat My Impotence

Find the cause and act.  Lifestyle can be changed.  Stop smoking, drink less, do not take drugs.  Make sure you change your diet, eat less fat and exercise.  A good brisk walk will help to open the blood vessels and gets the heart beating faster, a little exercise every day is all you need.

If there is a possibility of a medical reason behind the impotence then visit your doctor, never feel embarrassed, they deal with all kinds of problems and conditions. Better to get to the cause of the problem.

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Don’t be afraid to discuss the problem with your partner, an open conversation will only help your relationship and bring you closer, after all your partner may be feeling confused and may feel responsible for the problem.  Don’t shy away from intimacy, take it slowly, if your partner is aware of how you are feeling it will make it much easier to relax and deal with.

If you feel that you need some help with erection strength and performance, there are now effective natural alternatives that are a good alternative to prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

With safe and natural herbal properties they can offer the same benefits as conventional prescribed treatments.  The difference is that they have no risks or side effects so often found with chemically based treatments.

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