Increasing Semen Volume

How To Boost Your Sperm Count 

Semen production can be a cause for concern for many reasons.  Fertility issues are probably the main reason men question this.  But it can also affect the quality and power of ejaculation.

premature-ejaculation1It is a fact that a man will experience a better more powerful orgasm if he has a greater semen production – the muscles have to contract more powerfully to expel the increased amounts of seminal fluid – Increased contractions = more pleasurable ejaculations.

How To Increase Levels Naturally

There are some effective ways to help the body increase production.

Eating Healthily – is beneficial for a healthy sperm count,  avoid too much fat, processed foods try to stick to fresher foods with less additives.

Exercise – Keeping fit is good for us on all levels, it makes sense that if you increase strength and stamina, you will increase sperm production.

Weight Gain – One of the most common factors in reduced sperm production.  Lose the extra pounds and try to stick to a weight that is in line with your height and build.  This will help the body sperm_1790713cfunction better and boost blood flow.

Fluids – Keep the body hydrated.  Water flushes toxins from the system which could have an adverse effect on semen production.

Smoking and Alchohol – Are a big factor in disrupting production of semen.  It has been proven that a non-smoker has a greater sperm count on average than those who smoke or drink to excess.

Hot Baths – Do no overheat the genitals.  Saunas, Jacuzzis and over hot baths can greatly reduce the production and quality of semen and sperm.

Masturbation –  Although an embarrassing topic, completely natural but when performed to excesscan have a dentrimental effect on the quality and amount of semen and sperm production. Especially if you are trying for a baby.

Experts have advised that ejaculating every three days will have no effect on semen levels or quality of sperm. More frequent ejaculation could reduce the development of healthy sperm.

Natural Supplements

performer5-productboxThere are some very effective natural supplement available today that have been formulated to boost the body’s production of semen.  One supplement that has been proven to increase volume is Performer 5.  Studies have shown an increase of semen volume by as much as 500%.

Developed using completely natural ingredients including:

L-Arginine, Pomegranate and Mucuna Pruriens – all known to natural enhance hormone levels responsible for producing maximum semen production.

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