Causes Of Teeth Staining

Stained Teeth – Causes And Treatments

Over time our teeth are exposed to substances that stain and yellow the teeth.   Smoking, tea, coffee and red wine are among the main causes.

Fizzy drinks and even healthy fruit juices are responsible for stained teeth.

How Can I Prevent My Teeth From Staining?

To advise the obvious and say stop drinking them and stick to water is not advice you are going to follow.  Drinking through a straw can help to minimise staining, at least to your front teeth.  The next best thing would to rinse your mouth with water immediately after every drink.  Again not so easy to adhere to.

Other Causes Of Stained Teeth

There are other factors to take in to consideration. Some antiobiotics can have an adverse effect on the teeth.  Causing in some cases a bluish grey tinge to the teeth.  Two such antibiotics that can cause this are minocyline and tetracycline.  Not very easy to remove and made worse if you are taking the medication for long periods.

Antihistamines can also cause staining.  If you are particularly affected by staining, it would be a good idea to speak to your dentist or doctor to see if there is an alternative which is gentler on the teeth.

As we age our teeth become more yellowish in colour.  This is due to our enamel thinning and this exposes Dentin, this is the under layer which is yellow in colour.

Genetic influences can definitely play a part in how strong and how white our teeth will be.

Many foods and fruits(especially if they are dark in colour) can stain our teeth.

The General Rule Is:

Food That Stains Your Clothes Will Also Stain Your Teeth.

Rinsing your mouth after any dark foods or drinks that are strong in colour is going to minimise staining.

Surgery or injury to the teeth can also cause staining.

How To Keep Stained Teeth At Bay

Make sure that you visit your dentist at least twice a year.  Brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily, flossing is also important as it helps to keep gums healthy and keep bacteria levels down.

How Do I Reduce The Staining On My Teeth

Brushing and rinsing regularly does help to reduce staining, but to keep the teeth nice and white it is worth investing in a course of teeth whitening

Professional dental whitening treatments are highly effective and do give the desired result. But they can be expensive and with costs starting at around $200 they are not affordable for all.

The Alternative

Home whitening treatments have come to the forefront in recent years and can be just as effective. With a good choice available today can be a good inexpensive solution to ridding your teeth of unsightly stains.

They have had their critics and some of the earlier types of home care kits were considered not as effective as professional dentist treatments.  This is not the case any more as they have been proven to give great whitening results…

A good home teeth whitening kit will use the same methods and components as your dental surgeon, the results can be every bit as effective, but with a much lower cost.

A good kit will cost you in the region of $30 – $50, sometimes less and a good kit will have sufficient materials for many treatments – some up to 200 treatments, meaning that unlike professional treatments means that you will not have to keep paying out for the treatment time and time again.

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