Causes Of Hairloss

Causes Of Hairloss

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

 Why Do Men Go Bald

Male hair loss is 95% of the time caused by a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia AKA Male Pattern Baldness. The remaining 5%, usually comes from diet, stress, health issues or reactions to different medications.

How To Recognise Male Pattern Baldness

It is easy to see if you have Male Pattern Baldness since it always appears in the same way. First, your hairline starts to recede, usually either at the temples or at the brow. Then your hair also gets thinner near the crown area while the sides and the back part of your head still maintains good amounts of hair.


The Causes

The condition is caused by Androgens, which are male hormones that affect hair follicles. Usually this is genetic and occurs when testosterone (male hormone) is turned into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 5-alpha reductase is the enzyme responsible for this transformation. DHT damages hair follicles, slows down natural hair growth and eventually stops it all together.

There is one question though that makes specialists wonder – why does DHT only affect some areas, leaving the back and the sides unaffected.

Does Baldness Run In The Family

It’s true that male pattern baldness does run in the family and if your father suffered from it, there is every likelihood that you will do it too in some extent. However, things like your health and your testosterone levels also play a part here.

Is There Treatment For Male Pattern Baldness

Maybe you have heard that it’s impossible to get your hair back, but this is not quite true. While many men embrace their hair loss, there are also those who start looking for ways to stop the problem and encourage hair to grow back.

A good way to encourage hair regrowth and strengthen current hair is to reduce DHT levels and improve blood flow into your hair follicles.

Do I Need To Have Expensive Hair Transplants 

While many men do choose this option, and it costs them thousands of dollars, you can also choose other treatments that are proven to work and reduce DHT levels, promoting hair regrowth.

Profollica is one such treatment. This product originates from the US but is now available right here in Australia . It is an affordable and proven way to relieve male pattern baldness without surgery, without all its pain and expense.

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