Arthritis Causes And Treatments

What Causes Arthritis

Arthritis is in simple terms; the inflammation of joints. This term is used for several different rheumatic diseases, including rheumatoid, Systemic Lupus, Gout and Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is also the most common type of Arthritis. While it mostly affects elderly and middle aged people, sometimes even young people have it, especially those who are active athletes.

What Is Osteoarthritis

The joints in our body are made of two interlocked bones that help our legs, arms, neck and other body parts to move. The bones don’t actually rub together because of cartilage that sits between them that works as a cushion. However, when the cartilage starts to wear, the cushioning effect is not as effective as it is supposed to be. As the result, bones start to rub together and this friction causes swelling and pain.

Sometimes this problem can appear almost overnight, but for some people it evolves over time. Symptoms can be of different severity, sometimes causing so much discomfort and pain that it will end up in disability.

This problem can occur in many body parts, including neck, hands, lower back, knees, hips and spine.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms

The first symptom is usually stiffness, and possibly some pain in the affected joint. At first these symptom often go away when you get some rest, as the condition worsens it gets worse and more and more time is needed in order to recover and be pain free.

How Is Arthritis Diagnosed

To diagnose Arthritis, doctors need to make a full examination, sometimes MRI or X-rays are also needed. If after the tests, it is found that you indeed have arthritis, your doctor will discuss the treatment options that are available.

Arthritis Treatment 

Unfortunately, Arthritis doesn’t have any real cure. Doctors can however, recommend ways to manage the pain and swellings, they may suggest injections of steroids which do a good job reducing pain in elbows and knees. Sometimes even surgery is used, if the case is already extreme, some joints ( hips for example) can be replaced.

To ease arthritis symptoms it’s important to be fit and keep a healthy diet. Also, if you are overweight your joints will be under immense strain, try to avoid that.

Is Using Drugs And Steroids To Relieve Arthritis Safe?

Short term use is usually very effective, but when you think about treating your Arthritis long term, its worth bearing in mind that they can in some cases, long term use of steroids in particular can cause side effects and its also possible to develop a dependency on pain killers.

Relieve The Pain Without Side Effects

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