Anadrole (Oxymethalone) Review

Anadrole (Oxymethalone) Review 

Claiming To Be A Viable Alternative To The Steroid Anadrol (Oxymethalone).. Does Crazybulk Anadrole Really Work? 

Sometimes we all need that extra push when working out, and a supplement can be a great way to 2014-11-08 13.43.13ensure that your smashing fitness goals and staying toned. Anadrole works to boost the production of red blood cells so the muscles receive more oxygen, mimicking the effects of the anabolic steroid Anadrol (Oxymethalone). This helps users with muscle gains and doing more without getting tired.

What’s in the Anadrole’s Formula?

This supplement is developed by sports nutrition manufacturer Crazy Bulk, and contains the following in its all-natural formula (amounts are per serving):

  • Tribulus terrestris extract (250mg)
  • Soy protein isolate (100mg)
  • Whey protein concentrate (100mg)
  • DHEA (50mg)
  • Shilajit (50mg)
  • Acetyl-C-carnitine (25mg)

Directions for Use

Take one tablet twice a day with meals, even if you’re not working out. If working out, take 30-45 minutes before commencing. The manufacturer recommends using Anadrole for at least a two month period, and the most effective way of taking this supplement is with two months on, and 1.5 weeks off.

2014-11-08 13.43.40User Feedback

The manufacturer claims that its products are free from side-effects, and this appears to be confirmed by users, who enjoy the product’s all-natural formula without the potential downside of the anabolic steroid.

Although there are a limited number of reviews available from people who have used Anadrole, those that are available indicate that users have seen strong gains in muscle mass when using this product.

Where to buy Anadrole In Australia

Anadrole can only be purchased from the manufacturer directly at It costs around AU $71.00 for a tub of 60 capsules, and if you buy two at one time the third one is free.  

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Currently there is no cash back guarantee, but the word is that Crazybulk are bringing one in shortly, so watch this space..

Our Thoughts

The risks of using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes is well documented… When companies like Crazybulk make such good alternatives like Anadrole, why on earth would you risk your health, and potentially your life??

Anadrole is a first rate product, its effective and more importantly SAFE.

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